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What a courageous, fearless and creative mind! It was the article on Arundhati Roy in Vogue and her new upcoming book that drew me to take a closer look. A look at the colourful personal life of this writer and the controversial issues she battles. Thank you, Vogue, for the introduction!


“I am hysterical. I’m screaming from the bloody rooftops. And he and his smug little club are going ‘Shhhh… you’ll wake the neighbours.’ – I want to wake the neighbors, that’s my whole point. I want everybody to open their eyes.” ~ Arundhati Roy in response to criticism of her ‘shrill and hectoring tone’:)


The points she makes are loud and eye opening, but she comes across as a gentle person, not aggressive (more…)

More Instagram Vintage Favourites ~ 3rd



Some more Instagram vintage favourites. Pieces that have outlived their creators and their owners… and still capture the imaginations of those who set eyes on them.



1 copy


The above is from @theedencollective “A close up of this fancy little guy. Antique rose cut diamonds and ruby studded mandolin player. I always love the musicians. Be still my <3”

*Look at the flow of the coat, along with the rubies.


Jewellery, as a Symbol of Love

Whoever said jewellery, as a symbol of love had to be a costly affair!

I remember a flat mate of mine in London saying “it’s not the jewel, it’s the giver that matters”.

Over this weekend while my mother in law was reminiscing about old times, she happened to come (more…)

Bible Rock

A vision to remember!

The Bible Rock is the glorious mountain spotted in the distance along the winding road to Kandy.

I spent the weekend with my family getting reacquainted with what people call ‘the hill country’. It’s (more…)

Trishala Ashok, a Jewel Designer

I used to think every stone was a precious gem if you cut it and gave it facets.

I stumbled upon Trishala Ashok, the Bangalore based jewellery designer, on the GIA site. What a treat for the eyes! Just look at the peacock earrings above! That image is what stopped me in my tracks:)

She was drawn to jewellery during a vacation in the U.S. with her family. Trishala was inspired by the (more…)

Jean Mouclier

Jewellery is a voyage through the precious and the spiritual. To come close to the latter, one must make as little use of reality as possible. The essence of a jewel is in its conception, in the eye, the heart, the hand of the jeweller, and not in the geometrical dimensions of the object.

La Peregrina, the Wanderer

A bit like the pearl – (as a wanderer) – I myself have been feeling like one as of late;)  lost in the daily experience of activities and demands. Everywhere I went, I carried the nagging feeling I was neglecting my world of jewels and my blog. Which of course I was and yet found it hard to slow down long enough to dive into it.

La Peregrina’s wandering adventure however has been a very glamorous one! One which reeled me back in.


Happiness is…

This is one of my favorite spaces!

Delving into a time of gazing at sparkles and identifying stones somehow relaxes me and there’s a sense of peace around me. I’m such a rock nerd:)

So as a woman who chose to raise her child full time, I found myself in a place where I have to be (more…)

Inner View : Inclusion 9 – Emerald

Another imposter:)  A Hydrothermal Synthetic Emerald. It shows the parallel, slightly wavy and angular growth pattern. A very obvious clue to its origin!

An Inspiring Summer 2016

It really has been an unforgettable summer this year! As beautiful as this island is, to venture out and explore the amazing world out there is a privilege!

Ok… of course prior to leaving there was the concern of France being still under a state of emergency, (more…)

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