Bouncing Bubble Inside A Gemstone

It really is a ‘gem’ for the student in gemology when they find a gemstone, any gemstone, even a bashed up, terribly included one… if it contains a bouncing bubble! What a thrill.

Starting out in the study of gems, the two phased inclusion of a gas bubble trapped within a liquid filled cavity… was something of a mystery.

So you can imagine my amazement as I saw for myself, with my own eyes through a small 10x loupe, this activity, as I peered in…

(Imagine for a moment, walking around with… say an emerald on your finger and all the while there’s this area inside the gem, where a perfect round bubble is bouncing around as you move your hands…)

I wanted that included stone for my collection

It was no Emerald. It was a humble quartz but the dealer being fully aware of its inner value, the negotiations began… and a while later, I walked away with a little something that most might consider worthless but was so precious to me.

I  captured a few seconds of its movement on video. Click here to see it.

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