Kandyan Lady

I love old photos! People and places revealing ‘the activity of the day’ of days long gone. Food for my imagination! The past looks like another world entirely.

The image of this beautiful girl is called ‘Kandyan Lady’ from well over a hundred years ago. That’s all I know of her and she will remain a mystery for now. I bought this photograph while (more…)

The Path of Life ~ Inspiration

The unexpected turns of the path of life can open new worlds and opportunities if we are open to receiving x


* a rushed snap shot at the Lighthouse Hotel, Galle, Sri Lanka <3

Current Inspiring View

It was Diana Vreeland who said “I think water is God’s traquillizer. To be in it, to drink it, to look at it.”…

There’s nothing like getting away from everyday reality and switching off for a bit. It’s my daughter’s half term holiday and taking advantage of it, we escaped to The Fortress for the weekend. It’s in Galle, SriLanka. For more stunning views of the place and information, click here.

Rihanna in Chopard Jewels


Rihanna certainly turned heads (while some jaws dropped) in her fantasy-like couture gown by Giambattista Valli at the (more…)

Amal Alamuddin in Harry Winston Jewels

Amal Alamuddin Clooney’s first appearance at the 72nd Golden Globes Awards with her husband George Clooney, wearing stunning diamonds by Harry Winston.

You get a flash of the sparkle in the video in Harpers Bazaar along with the beautiful words of George Clooney to his wife (more…)

In Your Skin

Diane Von Furstenberg speaks about one of the most important relationships in our lives.

So lets stop a minute to think about the person we spend most of the time with.

The day I paused to give this a little thought, I chose to look at myself with more appreciative and less (more…)

Audrey Hepburn


I have to begin with the unforgettable opening scene of the 1961  (1961?!! That long ago…)  romantic, comedy film ~ Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Where the iconic Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly, all in black and dressed in jewels… timeless and sublime, standing outside, gazing in at Tiffany’s.

Produced before most of us were born, the first time I watched it was when I was in my early twenties. Growing up in Africa I remember watching Audrey Hepburn “films” but not this one. This is my absolute (more…)


Café Barista at Ghandara, Colombo, Sri Lanka


This is the café where quite a few conversations took place between my husband and I about the making of this blog.



Doris Day

The frightening thing about middle age is that

you know you’ll grow out of it.


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Proverbs 23:7

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…

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