Ear cuffs – that make me want a pair!

I have vague recollections of trying on carved silver ear cuffs as a teenager living in Zambia. Yes, together with my very expressive golden brown highlights on barely there short hair – they may have looked pretty striking:) If only I had taken better care of them, I may have had them today…

Ear cuffs are unique. And refreshing. As much as I love my daily studs, I feel bored with them.

When I came across these images on Vogue Paris, *my eyes* were captivated! I was drawn to the impact they make together with the whole outfit. There were 31 images and of these, I picked seven. To look at all click Vogue Paris.

Above you see on the left Emma Stone and on the right Julia Roberts wearing the Serti sur Vide ear cuffs by Repossi. In the middle, Miley Cyrus in an Ana Khouri ear cuff.

Below you see Jenifer Connelly wearing Jessica McCormak. March 2014 at the Noah premier. The sharpness and solid feel of the ear cuff is striking against the softer fabric and florals.




Below, the Sutra diamond ear cuff worn by Gigi Hadid at the American Music Awards, Los Angeles. She’s someone who looks fabulous in anything, don’t you think?




Here we are, Keira Knightly also in the Serti sur Vide ear cuffs by Repossi. January 2015 at the SAG Awards.




Last of all,  you see my favorite Mediterranean Garden Piaget ear cuff worn by Scarlet Johansson. February 2015 at the Oscars.




Sparkles like ear cuffs in unexpected places of the ears not only enhances your beauty and strengthens your message but also adds surprise and catches people off guard:)  Enjoy x



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