More Instagram Vintage Favourites ~ 3rd



Some more Instagram vintage favourites. Pieces that have outlived their creators and their owners… and still capture the imaginations of those who set eyes on them.



1 copy


The above is from @theedencollective “A close up of this fancy little guy. Antique rose cut diamonds and ruby studded mandolin player. I always love the musicians. Be still my <3”

*Look at the flow of the coat, along with the rubies.



Earrings from @lucy.verity ‘Hard stone cameo earrings in a simple 18k frame that just shows off the quality of the carving.”

*The hair! Loving the suggestion of movement and rhythm of the wispy white curls.




From @parishotelboutique “An antique black Figa charm, with an 18k gold band with turquoise stones. I believe the hand is vulcanite.”

*Who doesn’t love this? I must learn more about Figa jewellery…




The above piece from @thejewelrybureau “This emerald pendent (1580-1600) is a must see in the exhibition Spanish Masters at the @hermitage_amsterdam. It is a replica of Columbus’ ship on which he discovered America.”

*This one captures my imagination and takes me right back to the story of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand and of course Christopher Columbus who sailed West in search of the glorious East rich in spices and gems — thinking it was a short cut and happened to arrive at and discover the New World!!




This painting is by @unskilledworker – take a look at her work… ‘The Magician Plays His Hand <3”

*I had to include this. I’m captivated by this artist and felt this particular one fitting, what with the white hair and all.


And there you have it! The current Instagram vintage favourites. I’m staying tuned in for more, myself;) x



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