Playful Moments and the Moonstone Ring

What happened to playful moments? Playful thinking and ‘silly’ moments? Have we become so grown up, and oh-so- serious and too responsible to leave room in the day for a bit of play?

These were the questions I was asking myself this morning. A peaceful morning which offered me a luxurious bit of time to relax over my breakfast after a tough workout. I was seated facing the familiar view of the endless green of the golf course, a view I never get bored of.

It was then that I suddenly felt the urge to read Shel Silverstein’s ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’. A children’s book of poems! A book we gave our daughter when she was a toddler. So there I sat with my coffee, allowing the playful and ridiculous words to remove me from my grown up world.

Reading these poems completely shook things up in my head, amused me endlessly and relaxed me completely.

To mark the moment, I took a quick snapshot of the poem above with ‘the ring of the moment’ on my thumb, always to remind me to make time for play. It’s not a distraction. Balanced moments of it can enhance every area of your life!

The gem of my day is the moonstone, the beauties above. These are from Sri Lanka, the most important locality for moonstones. As you turn these translucent white gemstones, you see the startling blue sheen above. They really bring to mind a clear sky of white and blue, in constant movement, merging and separating.

The beautiful blue sheen seen as you turn the stone is created by the scattering of light caused by microscopic particles, layers within the stone. This effect is known as adularescence, schiller or sheen.

With a hardness of 6 (surface quality) and a poor toughness (internal quality), this stone has to be protected and handled with care against accidental hard knocks. I love admiring its beauty on my fingers but I do wear it with care.

In the days of old some have believed it protects the wearer from harm and danger.

I’m only an admirer of its beauty, how about you? What do you think of the moonstone or even of playful moments;) ?

Wishing you lots of sporadic moments of play and child like wonder in your grown up life xx

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