An Inner View: Inclusion 1

What is an Inclusion?

The fantastic thing about gemstones is their ‘beauty’. Both externally and internally. Their external colour and sparkle which are clearly visible to the unaided eye (with no magnification) which you and your friends can see and admire but also their internal beauty: the image you see on the inside.

To take a peek at the image on the inside, most of the time you need magnification, the most convenientbeing a portable 10x loupe.

The inclusions if any are like a story that can be telling. The stone can have characteristic inclusions unique to their species. They give you clues to the stones origin, whether its treated or synthetic or natural… the list goes on. The view of the inside can be very beautiful indeed.

This is an image of a bubble of gas in a liquid filled cavity (known as a two phased inclusion). The stone is a Quartz.

The featured video on the homepage shows a quick capture of its activity.

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