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Bouncing Bubble Inside A Gemstone

27 November 2014

  • BIG VOICES & my two cents


    What a courageous, fearless and creative mind! It was the article on Arundhati Roy in Vogue and her…| More

  • More Instagram Vintage Favourites ~ 3rd



    Some more Instagram vintage favourites. Pieces that have outlived their creators and their owners… and still capture the imaginations…| More

  • Jewellery, as a Symbol of Love

    Whoever said jewellery, as a symbol of love had to be a costly affair!

    I remember a flat mate of…| More

  • Bible Rock

    A vision to remember!

    The Bible Rock is the glorious mountain spotted in the distance along the winding road to…| More

  • Trishala Ashok, a Jewel Designer

    I used to think every stone was a precious gem if you cut it and gave it facets.

    I stumbled…| More

  • Jean Mouclier

    Jewellery is a voyage through the precious and the spiritual. To come close to the latter, one must make…| More

  • La Peregrina, the Wanderer

    A bit like the pearl – (as a wanderer) – I myself have been feeling like one as of…| More

  • Happiness is…

    This is one of my favorite spaces!

    Delving into a time of gazing at sparkles and identifying stones somehow relaxes…| More

  • Inner View : Inclusion 9 – Emerald

    Another imposter:)  A Hydrothermal Synthetic Emerald. It shows the parallel, slightly wavy and angular growth pattern. A very obvious…| More

  • An Inspiring Summer 2016

    It really has been an unforgettable summer this year! As beautiful as this island is, to venture out and…| More