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dkrjewelstones is both a gemstone and jewels blog / minerals and jewelry blog.

This space is not only for those who have some knowledge in gemology and jewelry but also for anyone who loves gems and jewelry to enjoy an aspect of Gods amazing creation. It is a space to applaud the creativity of those in the industry.

Friends have asked me the difference between gemstones and minerals, what people refer to as gems. I will try to explain it briefly.

A ‘gem’ can be any material used to adorn oneself, especially the cut and polished in the glittering world of jewels.

Minerals are gems that are natural, inorganic and crystalline. A crystalline material has an internal, orderly structure e.g. diamond, sapphire, garnet.

As a mineral and jewelry blog my intention is to share information on gemstones in its rough form, as well as cut and polished, both loose and set in jewelry. From various sources. There is something magnetic about natural rough crystals set in jewelry. There is a lot of belief and myths about them too… the myths and beliefs I respect but I don’t personally subscribe to. However I cannot deny there’s energy flowing in these crystals that have been in the ground for years!

As a gemstones and jewels blog, I intend to share gems of every kind. Which includes amorphous, organic, rock-types, and synthetic. I hope to capture images of inclusions that help identify the different gemstones.

Let me tell you briefly a little bit about the above list, so you have a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Amorphous materials are natural, inorganic and non-crystalline. A material which has an internal structure that is disorderly, e.g. opal and obsidian. Don’t we love our opals!

Organic materials are formed from or with the help of different forms of animal and plant life e.g. pearl, coral, jet. Such beauties!

Gems made of rock are natural aggregates of minerals e.g. lapis lazuli.

In my gemstones and jewels blog, I will be talking about synthetic material as well. Synthetics are mad made, artificial gemstones that have the same composition and properties of the natural. Very deceptive indeed! It is necessary to know as much as possible of the new that’s always being created.

I’m aiming to expand my view and knowledge in my minerals and jewelry blog, of this many faceted industry. It’s an ever evolving and exciting industry I hope to navigate with you x

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