Instagram Vintage Favourites ~ 2nd


There are fantastic vintage jewellery accounts on Instagram that are so inspiring. So much so, that I who knew next to nothing about antique jewellery, felt compelled to learn as much as I could.


Today I want to share with you six of my current favourites that grabbed my attention while scrolling down my instagram feed. Enjoy…



A stunning jewel! I just love it! It’s a Victorian ring ~ “Antique natural pearl stork ring, gold and silver c.1880. From Adin Antique Jewelry” Posted by @treasuregarland




When I set eyes on this Victorian beauty, I knew no girl could look away… “Rose of Sharon amethyst ring, a popular love token during the American Civil War, often given as a memento by a soldier to his sweetheart as a talisman for his safe return. This type of ring remained popular throughout the end of the 19th century and incorporated a variety of motifs” Posted by @theedencollective



Yet another poetic and romantic jewel… this time a Victorian brooch ~ “c1860 the ‘language of flowers’ theme, ivory and gold camellia brooch at the British Museum. It was a part of the Hull-Grundy gift to the museum!! In Victorian times, it was a means of communication between young lovers to show they miss each other.” Posted by @treasuregarland



The Dearest Ring… Who can resist a striking and meaningful piece as this !! Again from the Victorian Era. “Victorian acrostic ‘dearest’ ring in the Regency Style. Set with a diamond, an emerald, amethyst, ruby, another emerald, sapphire, and topaz which spell out the popular romantic sentiment. Dates to c1880” Posted by @_butterlaneantiques



Above you see the “Emerald beauties from the Art Deco Period” Posted by @diamondsinthelibrary



How can I possibly not include this amusing piece! What’s not to love;)  ~ “gold toilet charm from the 1950’s” Posted by @ericaweiner


So there you have it! Instagram images! Which is your favourite:) Stay tuned for more captivating pieces as I continue to explore jewels of the past. Wishing you an inspired day xx


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