Bible Rock

A vision to remember!

The Bible Rock is the glorious mountain spotted in the distance along the winding road to Kandy.

I spent the weekend with my family getting reacquainted with what people call ‘the hill country’. It’s (more…)

An Inspiring Summer 2016

It really has been an unforgettable summer this year! As beautiful as this island is, to venture out and explore the amazing world out there is a privilege!

Ok… of course prior to leaving there was the concern of France being still under a state of emergency, (more…)

Flood in Sri Lanka, my story…

Torrents of rain poured relentlessly and continuously without mercy!

Before we knew it, our own neighbourhood was flooded with what looked like three feet of muddy brown water. Only jeeps and double cabs could pass and even then with difficulty. Across the street, large and beautifully furnished homes were filled with near chest (more…)

Inspired ~ One Step at a Time

This goes to show whatever it is we’re climbing towards, through happy times or rough, the climb doesn’t have to get ugly:)) There’s beauty all around us. We just have to choose to see it and be mindful of the moment – one step at a time xx


The Path of Life ~ Inspiration

The unexpected turns of the path of life can open new worlds and opportunities if we are open to receiving x


* a rushed snap shot at the Lighthouse Hotel, Galle, Sri Lanka <3

Current Inspiring View

It was Diana Vreeland who said “I think water is God’s traquillizer. To be in it, to drink it, to look at it.”…

There’s nothing like getting away from everyday reality and switching off for a bit. It’s my daughter’s half term holiday and taking advantage of it, we escaped to The Fortress for the weekend. It’s in Galle, SriLanka. For more stunning views of the place and information, click here.


Café Barista at Ghandara, Colombo, Sri Lanka


This is the café where quite a few conversations took place between my husband and I about the making of this blog.



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