Book: Rings by Rachel Church

‘Rings’ by Rachel Church… a book that held my attention from beginning to end!

I have been searching for time to read and learn about the history of jewellery and this was my first book. It is the evolution of the ring, an unbroken circle with the many emotions and meanings for the wearer. It was really a beautiful ‘experience’!

The collections of the V&A Museum are stunning! Rachel Church has organised the visual evolution of the ring from 1200 to ‘today’.

The rings of the past held so much more depth, meaning and emotion (with inscriptions), than a mere accessory, which is what it is today – at times. Symbolic and decorative, jewellery was also worn to ward off evil and to bring protection to its wearer, which is still practiced today.

I loved seeing how rings were worn in the past, especially the stacking of rings in the 1700. Stacking, a popular way of wearing rings today!

Mourning and memorial rings startled me, as it was a concept that never entered my mind. Although I completely understand wearing something in memory of someone you love and have lost – only if it evokes positive emotions or vibe. When you lose someone in death, you always carry that person with you in your life. The memories of them forever in your heart. There were some distinctive, personal memorial rings with the inclusion of hair from the deceased. Would you ever or do you wear memorial rings? I think I would:)

On a more cheerful note, some of the more contemporary rings were bold and fun!

However, this was my favourite ring: three views of a ‘triple-hoop enamelled gold ring set with a diamond, Germany c1600-50’. Inscribed in German ‘What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.’

Beautiful x



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