An Inspiring Summer 2016

It really has been an unforgettable summer this year! As beautiful as this island is, to venture out and explore the amazing world out there is a privilege!

Ok… of course prior to leaving there was the concern of France being still under a state of emergency, the threat of terrorist activities looming over Europe and asking ourselves if we are mad to stick to our summer plan. There were concerned family members and friends strongly suggesting we vacation elsewhere.

I’m so glad we took the leap after praying and placing our trust in God, because we really cannot live our lives in fear. Who can live like this and who knows how long it will take to resolve the issues out there…

So with my family I returned to London first and weeks later we took the Euro Star to Paris, the magical city.

I can’t describe how good I felt being back!! London was incredible, the sun lighting up the sky every day, I couldn’t get enough of Carnaby St., Oxford St., Covent Garden, all the favourite haunts. The V&A was as usually inspiring. Especially the exhibition Curtain Up, 40 years of theatre and such a pity I couldn’t take pictures of the jewellery exhibit. It was also in London we saw Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre, a mesmerising performance.

Paris… I was super excited to show our daughter the Mona Lisa. Musee du Louvre was magnificent as well as the paintings by Van Gogh and other painters at Musee D’Orsay. We hung out in the Jardin Des Tuilleries and cafes and restaurants, walking by the River Seine, enjoying their wines, taking in as much of Paris as we could.

Here are just a few snap shots. I feel I’m going to carry the vibe and inspiring experiences of this summer with me forever:) …xx










(I had to add the last image, certainly helped to digest the inspiration lol) xx

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