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What a courageous, fearless and creative mind! It was the article on Arundhati Roy in Vogue and her new upcoming book that drew me to take a closer look. A look at the colourful personal life of this writer and the controversial issues she battles. Thank you, Vogue, for the introduction!


“I am hysterical. I’m screaming from the bloody rooftops. And he and his smug little club are going ‘Shhhh… you’ll wake the neighbours.’ – I want to wake the neighbors, that’s my whole point. I want everybody to open their eyes.” ~ Arundhati Roy in response to criticism of her ‘shrill and hectoring tone’:)


The points she makes are loud and eye opening, but she comes across as a gentle person, not aggressive and bitter. Whether you agree or disagree with her, when you look beyond it all, you see a person who is passionate for her country and those that go unheard.

A passionate political activist in human rights and environmental causes, Arundhati Roy brings to mind all the heroic individuals who step up, protest for justice and change, often at the risk of their own lives. I applaud them.


I am not for angry, aggressive and violent protesting. And not all of us are called to protest or even in a position to take to the streets in peaceful demonstration.


However, I think it essential for each of us to reach out peacefully, when we can and where we can, in whatever form (you and I get to choose) – against the injustices we see. For the people that go unheard and to raise awareness of situations. Especially those of us who are in places of privilege and privilege could simply mean – living in a loving and supportive home. Many don’t. We can extend ourselves to be part of the prevention or healing process.


Which brings me to another point.


In archaic times, news travelled through word of mouth, through travellers. One only heard months later of a tragedy that occurred on the other side of the world. Today we receive global news 24/7, as it’s unfolding, inclusive of personal stories of trauma that really drive home the pain.

:)So how to listen to all this hysteria without losing our minds!

I have often wondered how people coped emotionally with the constant stream of horror news. For me, at first the struggle was about managing all this hysteria and chaos with my own personal daily story. My daily story, which I am directly responsible for. I didn’t want to get ‘taken out’ by the deafening stories every morning.

I don’t feel the answer is in choosing ignorance and not paying attention or even looking away, as I know some do. Although I can understand why.

I think the most important thing here is to find a way to maintain our mental and spiritual wellbeing while we tune into current events on a daily basis. Each to his or her own, and I’d love to hear the different ways that work for people.

For me, I make time to tune into current events most days but I listen to personal stories only to the extent I can handle on the given day. I found a way to sit in silence, say a prayer and to consciously let go of it all. A kind of re-set, if you like. So I don’t carry all that negative, depressing, helpless energy into my day and into my relationships.

To my mind, prayer is a powerful tool. Prayer and meditation open doors to prevention, healing and restoration. Especially to those who welcome and surrender to it.

And offering little (or big, you choose) actions go a long way, not only to a person or cause, but to our own peace of mind.

Click here if interested in listening to the Arundhati Roy political perspective, a different view and her courage. I’m sure we all have a person in our lives who is actively reaching out to the hurting.  Let’s be inspired into peaceful actions of love x


*The image is from Elle India and the accompanying article reveals the personal habits and preferences of Arundhati Roy.


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