Breaking Free & Amethyst


Here we are, already in February!

As I looked around at beautiful pieces set in Amethyst, the gemstone of the month, I found this particular jewel inspiring: Bird Motif, necklace from Cartier ~ in pink gold, lapis lazuli, amethyst, sapphire, and diamonds.

…Of a colourful bird that ‘opens the door of its golden cage to take flight into the open skies’.

When I gaze at this jewel, I am reminded of the various cages many of us find ourselves in. We, like birds are born and yearn to live a life free of bondage. Free from thought patterns that don’t serve us, from addictions, from fear and worry and the list goes on. How liberating it feels to break free from a habit. It all begins with a wanting, a willingness to make a change. This jewel reminds me of freedom. A meaningful symbol to wear around your neck!

The alluring colour of purple in Amethyst has always drawn me to this gemstone. It is said the colour purple evokes the meaning of creativity, dignity, royalty, mystery and spirituality.

Amethyst, a Quartz, ranges from a pale pinkish violet to a deep purple. It’s increasingly rare to find the ideal deep and rich purple. The colour in most is rarely even, mostly patchy. Large stones are wearable as they are light to carry in comparison to other gems. The hardness of it is average at 7 on Mohs’ Scale of hardness (1-10) with a ‘good’ toughness, so it can be worn with confidence.

The typical inclusions that can be found in your Amethyst are: colour zoning, two phased inclusions, partially healed fractures and banded structures known as ‘zebra stripes’ or ‘tiger stripes’.

I was over the moon to find a specimen with zebra stripes and you can see it here.

Know that Amethyst can be heat treated to form yellow Citrine or a green quartz known as Prasiolite. It’s best to avoid leaving Amethysts in strong light over a period of time, as it may cause fading. Beware of synthetics!

With that said, Enjoy your Amethyst in whatever setting it’s in!

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