Michael Dyber and His Aquamarine Beauty

The stunning 113.24ct Aquamarine was cut to reflect optical illusions in three dimensions. Michael Dyber won 1st prize in the International Competition: 40th German Award for Jewellery and Precious Stones IDAR-OBERSTEIN 2009 ~ for Gemstone Design.

I don’t think we appreciate enough the work that goes into cutting any gemstone and cutting it well!

Gemstone carving, gem sculptures and exquisite cuts are a work of art! Do take a look at exquisite gemstone sculptures of ametrine, bi coloured tourmaline, beryl etc on Michael Dyber website.

For those in the lapidary business, click Secrets of a Master Gem Cutter to see mini videos where he discusses his techniques.

Enjoy the beautiful abstract shapes, cuts and the eternal sparkle x

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