The Star of Adam

A Happy 2016, every body!!! May it bring an abundance of  good things to all!

Here I am kicking off with the first post of the year, celebrating the biggest gem news that broke out around New Years Day in Sri Lanka … The Star of Adam.

The worlds now largest blue star sapphire is believed to have been mined approximately six months ago, at an undisclosed site.

Far too large and heavy to set in jewellery, it weighs a mind blowing 1404.49ct. It will certainly become a jaw dropping museum piece as expected. Its worth is said to be $100 million, and expected to reach $175 million in auction.

The anonymous buyer named the stone “The Star of Adam” in line with the Muslim belief that Prophet Adam reached Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, being banished from The Garden of Eden.

It’s believed that Adam lived on the slopes of the mountain now known as ‘Adams Peak’. While he cried out to God seeking forgiveness, it is also believed that his tears were transformed into the dazzling gems in the area.

Lets talk a bit about the star we see on this stone. The Star of Adam radiates a distinct six rayed star. This star effect is known as “Asterism”.

Asterism is an internal reflection effect. Within this sapphire, there are three sets of parallel needle like inclusions that intersect each other at 120 degrees.

The stone is cut as a cabochon with its base directly parallel to the plane of the three sets of inclusions.

The light is then reflected from each set of inclusions. This causes three intersecting bands of light that appear as a six -rayed star on the surface.

Each individual arm of the star is a band of light at 90 degrees to the direction of the inclusions causing it.

Amazing, isn’t it? Another one of God’s spectacular creations!

All I can say is – what a find, what a discovery and what better way to begin the year with such a rare and precious find, The Star of Adam!

May there be more and greater gems to be found…


*the image above was first seen on BBC

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