My Newest Non Metal Accessory

The black strap you see on my wrist is called a Fit Bit! My gadget loving husband surprised me with it recently. It’s been an eye opening experience!!

It’s been a few days and its been working very hard for me. It does a host of things and syncs all the info to my phone – tracks my heart rate, the steps I take along with distance plus floors I climb. It tracks and logs my workouts and calories burned, the calories I take in and works out how many calories I need at all times and is not shy to tell me if I have gone over the necessary limit of calorie intake :p

In fact, the first day I wore my new accessory, it showed I had taken twice the necessary calories for the day (it was the weekend, you know and a girl has to eat and enjoy, ahem…)

Anyone who’s interested in getting or staying fit or getting toned and strong… this is it! It works super hard for you and is a great guide:) Also it looks pretty sharp as an accessory… xx

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