More Instagram Vintage Favourites ~ 3rd



Some more Instagram vintage favourites. Pieces that have outlived their creators and their owners… and still capture the imaginations of those who set eyes on them.



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The above is from @theedencollective “A close up of this fancy little guy. Antique rose cut diamonds and ruby studded mandolin player. I always love the musicians. Be still my <3”

*Look at the flow of the coat, along with the rubies.


Jewellery, as a Symbol of Love

Whoever said jewellery, as a symbol of love had to be a costly affair!

I remember a flat mate of mine in London saying “it’s not the jewel, it’s the giver that matters”.

Over this weekend while my mother in law was reminiscing about old times, she happened to come (more…)

Trishala Ashok, a Jewel Designer

I used to think every stone was a precious gem if you cut it and gave it facets.

I stumbled upon Trishala Ashok, the Bangalore based jewellery designer, on the GIA site. What a treat for the eyes! Just look at the peacock earrings above! That image is what stopped me in my tracks:)

She was drawn to jewellery during a vacation in the U.S. with her family. Trishala was inspired by the (more…)

Jean Mouclier

Jewellery is a voyage through the precious and the spiritual. To come close to the latter, one must make as little use of reality as possible. The essence of a jewel is in its conception, in the eye, the heart, the hand of the jeweller, and not in the geometrical dimensions of the object.

La Peregrina, the Wanderer

A bit like the pearl – (as a wanderer) – I myself have been feeling like one as of late;)  lost in the daily experience of activities and demands. Everywhere I went, I carried the nagging feeling I was neglecting my world of jewels and my blog. Which of course I was and yet found it hard to slow down long enough to dive into it.

La Peregrina’s wandering adventure however has been a very glamorous one! One which reeled me back in.


Ear cuffs – that make me want a pair!

I have vague recollections of trying on carved silver ear cuffs as a teenager living in Zambia. Yes, together with my very expressive golden brown highlights on barely there short hair – they may have (more…)

Dubai Gold Souk


The Dubai gold souk ….

Where do I begin:) ???

The word ‘souk’ means market in the Middle East. I set out that morning to the souk with my family and with the intention of finding that *perfect ring in


Instagram Vintage Favourites ~ 2nd


There are fantastic vintage jewellery accounts on Instagram that are so inspiring. So much so, that I who knew next to nothing about antique jewellery, felt compelled to learn as much as I could.


Today I want to share with you six of my current favourites that grabbed my attention while scrolling down my instagram feed. Enjoy…



Charlotte De Syllas, an Art Jeweller…

“My designs are complete forms in metal & stone. Both are shaped to be a whole. My principal material is gemstone that I carve myself to either create a piece almost entirely in stone or to marry into one form with the metal. As a consequence colour is dominant in my work as metal plays a secondary part. I have spent most of my career working on bespoke pieces on commission and occasionally through Jewellery Fairs.” ~ Charlotte De Syllas on the Goldsmiths Directory

Charlotte De Syllas is one of the finest art jewellers in Britain! I was glancing through various (more…)

Janet Fredman, From Zambia

Since I grew up in Zambia, Africa, you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I came across this courageous and creative designer… Janet Fredman.

Courageous because laying aside an education in Medicine, she delved into a goldsmith course. In (more…)

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